Practice for Nephrology


Appointments are available for kidney disease testing. We also provide comprehensive medical care for patients before and after a kidney transplant.

Our medical services:

  • Differentiated nephrological testing incl. blood and urine diagnostics, kidney ultrasounds and, if necessary, kidney biopsies (tissue sample)
  • Clarification of kidney stone diseases in close collaboration with local urologists
  • Consultations for glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) and vasculitis
  • High blood pressure assessment
  • Clarification of electrolyte disorders
  • Pre-clarification and aftercare for kidney transplantations

What does a nephrologist do?

Nephrologists are doctors of internal medicine who specialise in diseases of the kidney. These illnesses often appear after many years of high blood pressure or diabetes, or can be caused by congenital diseases such as hereditary cystic kidneys. Nephrologists treat kidney diseases - including kidney stones - using conventional (non-surgical) methods.

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